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Monte Alegre Vineyard & Cellars


Monte Alegre is a family owned and operated winery located in Carbondale, Illinois. The winery tasting room opened for the public and visitors in 2009 and has been retailing a variety of eight different wines, all wines made from grapes grown, fermented and aged at location in their cellars. Monte Alegre Vineyard and Ponce Cellars offer spectacular views and prime red and white wines that have made Southern Illinois a favorite tourist destination for wine lovers and their families throughout the Midwest. You can also try a port or a sangria, all in a single stop. The main grapes grown at Monte Alegre Vineyard are Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, Seyval Blanc, Traminette, Norton, Chambourcin, Frontenac, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese. During the harvest season, July to October, you can also enjoy vine ripened table grape varieties like Reliance, Mars and Fredonia.

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