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Forsee Vineyards

Category:FOOD & DRINK

We raised cattle for 40 years. What would go with steak? A burgeoning industry was right under our noses and we began winemaking, the first and thus oldest winery in Montgomery County. Visits to wineries in Illinois in 2000, helped education, vineyard managers and winemakers giving valuable time and information. We refreshed old memories of chemistry, and planted grapes. Our children, friends and neighbors joined us in picking by hand, and are still with us since 2003. February 2, 2008, we opened. The winery was packed with those feisty individuals who came by the previous summers to see the building going up, only to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the winery to taste the wines and give us an opinion. We listened. Now visitors walk the vineyards to compare the grapes with the wine in their glass. Wine tastings are offered without charge. We are open year-round Friday through Sunday. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available for over 200. Today, we produce 5000 gallons of wine from grapes, and we encourage wine education from both sides of the tasting room table. Come join us!

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