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Days Like Today

Category: ARTS & CULTURE

Lovely, hopeful Tessa has vowed that she is through with love—despite the best efforts and conflicting advice of her parents (and their respective lovers). After all, it’s never easy to move on before you’ve had time to heal. But when a handsome young stranger arrives, Tessa must decide whether the idea of love might still be one worth fighting for. With soaring melodies and lyrics that are by turns witty, wry and heartbreakingly poignant, Days Like Today explores what it takes to sustain a relationship in a world where love sometimes seems impossible—and how the first step in finding happiness might be getting out of your own way. Artistic Director Michael Halberstam guides this thrilling new work of musical theatre by composer/lyricist Alan Schmuckler (We Three Lizas, The Emperor’s New Clothes, How Can You Run with a Shell on Your Back?) and playwright Laura Eason (Sex with Strangers, Ethan Frome, Around the World in 80 Days).

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