Trips that are close to heart and far from expected.

Although your kids are only young once, the memories you make together on a family vacation will never grow old. So what are you waiting for? Start seeing how you can fill your next trip with moments that’ll last a lifetime.


See how one city can create countless family memories.

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Family-Friendly Stays

Consider this a wake-up call.

Illinois is full of family-friendly accommodations that go the extra mile to fit your every want and need. From making a splash at waterpark resorts to spending your stay in lavish city luxury, there’s something out there guaranteed to make your stay unforgettable.

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Hello thrills. Good-bye gravity.

With three world records, Goliath at Six Flags Great America has officially been crowned the tallest, fastest, and steepest wooden roller coaster ever built. But let’s be honest, the real thrill here is the look on a loved-one’s face after they experience this coaster’s 180-ft drop at 72 mph.

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Play with Personality

Activities for the characters in your family.

  • First Mate

    Navy Pier

    Want to work like a captain and party like a pirate? Then the only place to be is Navy Pier. In the summer, become one with the sea by raising the sails and relaying commands on the Tall Ship Windy, a 148-foot Great-Lakes schooner. Once winter rolls in, head inside to the Chicago Children’s Museum to scale a three-story crows nest on the Kovler Family Climbing Schooner.

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  • Nature Lover

    Garden of the Gods

    If your family believes that the best path in life is the one made out of gravel, a great way to spend your day is by sightseeing at the Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest. Over 320 million years in the making, these unique rock formations are home to breathtaking views that are simply amazing, especially from Camel Rock!

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  • Science Enthusiast

    Museum of Science and Industry

    If getting your first Bunsen burner is a right of passage in your family, then the Science Storms exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is perfect for you. There, through hands-on activities, you and your family can uncover the scientific reasons behind some of the most mysterious phenomena in nature.

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  • Green Thumb

    John Deere Pavilion

    If your family believes that a little dirt does the soul good, then the John Deere Pavilion is the perfect place to get your farming fix. There, you and your family can experience state-of-the-art simulators that show them what it sounds, looks and feels like to drive a John Deere excavator and bulldozer.

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  • Time Traveler

    Abraham Lincoln Museum

    Skip the whole “find a mad-scientist with a Delorean” thing, and let your kids step back in time whenever they want at Mrs. Lincoln’s Attic. This interactive exhibit inside of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum invites your kids to dress up in clothing from Lincoln’s era, perform chores from the 1800s and even play with reproductions of historic toys.

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Bites Done Right

Foodie favorites for the family.

  • American Girl
    American Girl

    With its doll-friendly accommodations, exquisite centerpieces and gourmet dishes, it’s easy to see how the American Girl Doll dining experience puts the “Magnificent” in Magnificent Mile. See firsthand how an ordinary tea party can turn into the time of your life at this one-of-a-kind location.

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  • Lagomarcino’s

    This timeless soda parlor and confectionary has been turning the ice-cream mustache into a badge of honor for more than 100 years. Here you’ll find soda-fountain standards like the banana split next to complete originals like the “Quad-City Special.” No matter what you decide to try, you can rest assured your family’s sweet tooth will be satisfied.

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  • Cozy Dog Drive In
    Cozy Dog Drive In

    When it comes to playing with your food, it’s nice to have a handle on things. Maybe that’s why the Cozy Dog comes on a stick. This Springfield institution is a great place for your family to grab some drive-in classics with a side of Americana.

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  • The Lodge at Giant City
    The Lodge at Giant City

    Comfort-food classics like Southern fried chicken, made-from-scratch dumplings and country milk gravy help The Lodge at Giant City make one thing clear: The number-one ingredient to family-style cooking is always lots of love.

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Dreams Do Come True

Rest your head and awaken your imagination – all from one spot.

Sometimes getting the kids to bed can become, well, a nightmare. But with a little help from these one-of-a-kind sleepover spots, your kids will be putting on their PJs in no time. From Dozin’ with the Dinos at the Field Museum to getting some shut-eye at Feather Down Farm, there are plenty of options out there to make your snooze something special.

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