10 Holiday Traditions with Historical Roots


For many people, the holiday season is about embracing tradition—and some traditions have been celebrated for many, many seasons. This year, towns throughout Illinois honor holidays of ages past with events rooted in history, whether it’s a re-creation of a Christmas in Abraham Lincoln’s time or special performances honoring Charles Dickens’ classic novel A Christmas Carol.

1. Holidays at the Dawes House in Evanston
2. Home for the Holidays in Oak Park
3. Home for the Holidays: Christmas in the Fabulous 1950s
4. Holiday Lights at Bunker Hill Historic Area
5. Holidays at the White House: A Presidential Christmas
6. A Dickens Carol at Oak Park Festival Theatre
7. Bishop Hill Julotta, a non-denominational Christmas-morning mass, held in both Swedish and English in an 1848 church
8. Long Grove’s Holiday Festivities
9. Old Capitol Holiday Walks
10. Sounds of the Season and Gilded Age Traditions at the Driehaus Museum