Explore Illinois Safely During COVID-19

Travel Safe


Protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of travelers remains the top priority as we welcome visitors and locals to enjoy all regions of Illinois. We’re heeding the important advice of health experts, and we encourage you to do the same. 

Illinois and Chicago Lift Statewide Indoor Mask Requirement on Feb. 28

With statewide COVID-19 hospitalization rates declining faster than any other point in the pandemic, Illinois lifted the statewide indoor mask requirement on February 28, 2022. Mask requirements will continue where federally mandated, such as on public transit and in high-risk settings including healthcare facilities and congregate care.

The City of Chicago also removed the mask and vaccine requirements for certain public spaces on February 28 to align with the State of Illinois.

While masks will no longer be required in most locations, they are still recommended as a layer of protection, especially in crowded indoor settings. People who have an underlying health condition, or who are around those who do, may certainly choose to continue wearing a mask.

Click here for details from the State of Illinois announcement.

Click here for details from the City of Chicago announcement.


Stay home if you're sick

If you're sick, if you've tested positive for COVID-19 within 10 days, or if it has been recommended you quarantine after close contact, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC strongly emphasize that you should not travel. Reference CDC travel guidance for details.

If that's you: rest up, stay safe, and we'll see you out and about soon. We all really appreciate you taking care of yourself. In the meantime, our Illinois virtual tours can give you a little taste of what you can look forward to out there.

Follow the 3 Ws

By observing a few simple protective measures, you can enjoy what Illinois has to offer safely and with confidence.

Wear a Mask or Face Covering

Face masks are required on public transit and certain high-risk settings. Remember, it only works when you wear it.

Watch Your Distance

Stay at least six feet from people who are not from your household in spaces that require it.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • Key Tip: Call Ahead

Some attractions have limited capacity or different opening hours. We recommend calling attractions ahead of time to keep your trip on track. You can find contact details here.

Purchasing your tickets online is a great way to reduce headaches and make social distancing a whole lot easier.

  • Road Trips

Explore Illinois by road...

Now's the perfect time to explore Illinois by road. And we've got great Illinois road trip itineraries ready for you to use.

Adventure? Architecture? Arts or something a little different? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out our trip ideas, get out, and get exploring.

  • Safe Travels: Outdoors

Take an Outdoor Adventure

There's no place better for outdoor exploration than Illinois. And going outside offers an easy opportunity to maintain social distance from others!

While there is no shortage of great outdoor adventure ideas, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Travel Safe: Attractions

Illinois Museums & Attractions

There are spectacular attractions and museums all around Illinois, including: