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Discover the Illinois food scene. The best restaurants in Chicago, Michelin stars, artisan tastes, farm-to-table, local favourites, wine trails and craft beers.

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    Wine Country Weekend

    Explore the award-winning wineries of Illinois wine country. Taste your way around the scenic Shawnee Hills Wine Trail or one of the other nine wine trails dotted across the state.
    Try an Illinois Wine Festival

    Farmers’ Markets

    Visit Illinois farmers’ markets and taste the region’s freshest produce. Find the best artisanal food producers with this guide to the farmers’ markets of Illinois.
    To Market, To Market

    Farm Fresh

    The farm-to-table movement is big in Illinois. Experience local flavours at Prairie Fruits Farm, a major player in the Illinois natural and local foods movement.
    Taste our Farm Favourites

    Man Bites Dog

    How do you like your dog? Piled with toppings? Or battered and fried? Discover the best places to taste Chicago-style hotdogs and corndogs.
    Savor our Signature Snacks

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