Electrifying Illinois Journeys for EVs

The Middle of Iconic Eco-friendly Road Trips


It's time to charge up your EV and embark on a thrilling journey along two of Illinois' most legendary drives! Take your pick of Route 66 or the Great River Road and discover everything that Illinois has to offer.

Route 66

It was the attractions along the way that made Route 66 legendary. And that's as true today in the days of the Model S as it was in the days of the Model T. So charge up your EV and hit the Mother Road to experience retro, vintage, and restored roadside favorites.

The Great River Road

This historic route is a dream trip for eco-friendly travelers with its harmonious blend of vibrant communities and picturesque scenic backdrops that will create an unforgettable journey like no other. Discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Illinois while keeping your carbon footprint low.