American Woman's League Chapter House


One of nine Woman’s League Chapter Houses in the state of Illinois. Built in 1911, the house features stylistic characteristics of the arts and crafts movement.

Andover’s American Woman’s League chapter house was built in 1911-1912 at a cost of $1,200, fully paid by U.S. publisher Edwin S. Lewis of St. Louis. A chapter could be formed if there were enough members in proportion to the community’s population. Lewis would build a chapter house if a chapter obtained a lot for it. The members of this chapter house were generally poor people who strained all their resources to come in on the ground floor. It became the hub of social life during the next few years; and, later was used by the Andover American Legion and Auxiliary as a meeting house, the Andover School District as part of its school buildings, and as a private residence. In 1981, this house was one of ten chapter houses in Illinois added to the National Registry of Historic Places. In 1986, a fire caused extensive damage to the then private residence. Shortly after the blaze, the Andover Historical Society purchased the building and had it restored to look as close to the original as it could be made. It is used as a meeting house for the Historical Society and to house historical items.

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