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Glessner House is an authentic step back into the Gilded Age and 19th-century Chicago! Designed by the great American architect H. H. Richardson, the house has been meticulously restored and contains most of the family's original furnishings.

Tours of Glessner House will focus on three main themes. The architect H. H. Richardson is generally regarded as America's first important 19th century architect. His work, embracing details of the Romanesque style with arches and heavy stone work, influenced such architects as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. The innovative floorplan focused the house away from the street and towards a light-filled private courtyard, making it quite controversial with the neighbors. The house is filled with the Glessners' original furnishings including countless pieces of furniture, picture frames, and other objects made by a range of craftsmen who created the ideal Arts and Crafts environment for the family, all set within meticulously restored rooms. Additionally, the Glessners were early proponents of the English Arts and Crafts movement, and used rugs, textiles, and wallpapers produced by William Morris. Finally, the tour explores the lives of the four Glessner family members and their live-in staff of eight. Successful in business as a founder of International Harvester, John Glessner and his wife Frances were cultural leaders in the City of Chicago in the late 19th- and early 20th-centuries, helping to found the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and support other institutions. The lives of their servants are also well documented and many of those spaces have been restored as well. A rare opportunity to truly step back in time and explore how both halves lived in late 19th-century Chicago!

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Aug 25 to Aug 26, 2018

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