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Vandalia, the second capital of Illinois, is steeped in history. Built in 1836, it is the oldest Illinois State Capitol building.

Abraham Lincoln boarded the Yellow Stagecoach in the early morning of November 29, 1834 at New Salem, Illinois. He was on his way to begin his first session in the Illinois House of Representatives in the capital city Vandalia. This first session was a learning experience for the young Abe Lincoln. He worked diligently with his fellow representatives and learned "the ropes" of the job.

Two years later he returned for the gathering of the 10th General Assembly of the legislatures of the State of Illinois. Mr. Lincoln and some of his friends will return on August 11 and 12 to give you an opportunity to meet them and learn about the thrilling time they had fulfilling their roles in the early days of Illinois. Some of them went on to become movers in our federal government. You will meet them in the oldest capitol building remaining in Illinois, built in 1836.

Vandalia was the capital of Illinois from 1819 to 1839. Mr. Lincoln made his first speech against slavery, became a lawyer, and learned his role as a mover and shaker in government at this location.

Come join Mr. Lincoln and his friends.

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Aug 11 to Aug 12, 2018

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