Doors Open: Robinson Stewart House Museum, Ratcliff Inn Museum, L. Haas Store Museum

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These structures tell the history of Carmi, starting the white frame Robinson Stewart house, built in 1814. The red brick Ratcliff Inn, constructed in 1828. The iron frame L. Haas store museum houses many interesting collections.

The Robinson Stewart house is the oldest house in Carmi, built in 1814, with family furnishings spanning 1820s to 1880. It has been Carmi's living museum since 1901. The house passed directly from Mary Jane Robinson Stewart, granddaughter of US Senator John M. Robinson, to the Historical Society on her death in 1966. The Ratcliff is an 1828 stagecoach inn, built by pioneer James Ratcliff, rescued in the 1960s when it was going to be razed for a parking lot. It has many artifacts of White County and area history, and one room is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, who stayed at the Inn in 1840. The L. Haas is also on the National Register, as an Mesker Iron building. It has a mixture of exhibits, including artifacts from Harry Phil Hanna, the Humane Hangman. There is also a wonderful Native American collection gathered by the pioneer Rebstock family, who became prominent during the 20th century oil boom. There are good military and farm collections.

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Aug 04 to Aug 05, 2018

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