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Homer Soda Festival expands your taste buds' exposure to flavorful soda pop while providing a unique festival experience with the backdrop of Main Street Americana.

The Homer Soda Festival brings together family owned bottlers from all across the country to one place where you can enjoy their family traditions of flavor and fizz.  They create an environment where you can not only taste the unique sodas, but meet many of the actual bottlers themselves.  The food is high quality and unique, the vendors are all hand crafted, genuine artistic creations, reclaimed relics, and antiques.  The music is Americana bluegrass/roots that has stood the test of time much like the bottlers.  Everything works to bring generations together to make memories with each other and take them all back to the Main Street USA of yesteryear! 

Event Details

Jun 03, 2017
10:00am - 7:00pm

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