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Illinois Lincoln Highway Interpretive Mural - Byron


The Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition has produced 35 Interpretive Murals along this National Scenic Byway and its corridor in northern Illinois. These depict the history, heritage and events of the highway and impact on American travel.

This mural portrays the thrill of coast-to-coast speed racing, connecting Byron to the Lincoln Highway route with the racing heritage born on the Lincoln Highway. Lewis B. Miller, who astonished the automobile world with his 1925 record-breaking transcontinental race on the Lincoln Highway, is showcased in the mural. The striking portrait of Miller is painted with him seated behind the wheel of his roadster along with stunning, almost three-dimensional images of the awards he received. On a special note, the background of the mural is a vintage Byron streetscape that was painted in at the City’s request to bring a personal touch to the mural.

For more information about the Illinois Lincoln Highway and surrounding area, visit the Blackhawk Waterways CVB website at And be sure to visit for additional information about the other murals along the Illinois Lincoln Highway.

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