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Illinois Lincoln Highway Interpretive Mural - Dixon


The Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition has produced 35 Interpretive Murals along this National Scenic Byway and its corridor in northern Illinois. These depict the history, heritage and events of the highway and impact on American travel.

The mural showcases Dixon’s experience in 1919 with the Army’s first transcontinental trek on the Lincoln Highway. The mural depicts images of a young Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower on the mission, convoy vehicles and military men having lunch on the courthouse lawn. Also highlighted in this unique, mural is the Dixon courthouse, as well as the famous Dixon arch. This well-known convoy was designed to test the reliability of military vehicles on various road conditions over long distances and eagerly awaited for a rousing welcome in towns all along the route.

For more information about the Illinois Lincoln Highway and surrounding area, visit the Blackhawk Waterways CVB website at And be sure to visit for additional information about the other murals along the Illinois Lincoln Highway.

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