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Knox County Brewing Company


Enjoy the best beer and tacos around!

When you walk into KCBC, you are walking into our living room. We are not a bar; we are where you want to hangout when you’re not at home. While current events have affected us, it’s our community that truly makes us who and what we are. Offering taproom service for all ages, we serve beer, kombucha, craft soda, and a range of artisan tacos. We welcome customers of all ages with card and board games, comfy couches, and live music (which will return soon).

While KCBC is not a co-op, it will attempt to function as such. The name, Knox County Brewing Company, represents a commitment to the local, and the belief that the citizens of this county are as important to the business as its purveyors. Along with local residents and surrounding communities, Knox County Brewing Company wants to reinvigorate this area's civic pride and partner with other local businesses to create new jobs, and in turn, strengthen the local economy.

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