Mandela: Struggle for Freedom at the Illinois Holocaust Museum

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This exhibit traces the history of the fight against apartheid in South Africa, with Nelson Mandela as one of its main leaders. Live and virtual experiences available.

With immersive environments, Mandela: Struggle for Freedom promotes human rights with a central message: all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Nelson Mandela was one of the most famous human rights defenders of the 20th-century and the face of a movement against racial injustice. His unbreakable will inspired people around the globe to mobilize for human rights and contributed to a worldwide crusade demanding racial equality. A winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994, Mandela devoted his life to fighting apartheid and creating a more just society.

Among its many dramatic features and original artifacts, the exhibition replicates the eight-foot by seven-foot cell where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in jail, before emerging at age 71 to continue negotiating democratic change with his former enemies. Visitors entering the cell will find themselves in a multimedia theatre, with projections telling stories of repression and resilience on the walls.

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Feb 20 to Sep 12, 2021

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