Wings of Wonder: The Lorikeet Exhibit

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Get an intimate look into the fascinating world of lorikeets, the always curious nectar-feeding birds. Lorikeets are known for their playful personalities, vibrant coloration, and their ability to mimic words and sounds.

Inside the Conservatory, guests will find a special lorikeet house that provides guests with an intimate look into the fascinating world of the lorikeet. Visitors will be “face to beak” with the small- to medium-sized parrots known for their playful personalities and vibrant coloration. Lorikeets are a group of birds classified under "true parrots," and are found throughout the Australian region. Lorikeets, or lorys, have a unique brush-tipped tongue for feeding on fruits, vegetables, and flowers and are constantly looking for nectar and fruits due to their rapid metabolism.

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Sep 01 to Nov 11, 2018

$2.00 to $8.00
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