Naperville Bites and Sites

Mike Wyrostek, owner of Naperville Bites and Sites wants visitors and residents to enjoy a culinary and cultural experience through Naperville's historical neighborhood one delicious taste at a time.  


by Tiffany Geller
September 07, 2018

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With its harmonious blend of contrasts, DuPage County is a fascinating glimpse of America's heartland at its best. The heart and soul of DuPage lives throughout 38 communities, each of which is ready to share its extraordinary offerings with you.

Naperville is one of those communities. It’s Illinois’ fifth-largest city and the essence of what suburban living is all about. Naperville Bites and Sites is a great way to experience the city’s cuisine and culture, one historic neighborhood at a time, one delicious taste at a time.

It’s the brainchild of owner Mike Wyrostek. A financial advisor by trade, he launched the business back in 2010 to help visitors and residents enjoy the city a little off the beaten path. Since then, he’s personally conducted more than 200 tours.

"I love to eat, talk and walk, and I thought that would make a great business model, so I started Naperville Bites and Sites to help visitors and residents discover the great food and cultural places that make Naperville so awesome," Wyrostek says.

Food samples and drink tastings from family-owned and operated restaurants are key to the experience. Each tour features tastings at six venues which are rotated from a total of eight restaurants, including: Orazios Pub, Quigley's Irish Pub, LeChocolat de Bouchard, Cookie Dough Creations, The Lantern and Giordano's.

Throughout the tour, you’ll discover beautiful downtown Naperville, the Riverwalk and fun facts about the rich history that makes Naperville amazing. The area has no shortage of culturally rich and historical facts. Guests will visit Quigley's, an authentic Irish pub that has two of the original “Snugs.” In Ireland, “Snugs” had doors and were the only place where women were allowed to drink. Women are now, of course, welcomed in all areas of Ireland’s pubs, but the “Snugs” gained such popularity that they remain in full use. On the tour, you can also discover a family’s 100-year-old meat market and deli, the proper way to brew tea and what fast food and the multi-mixer have in common. It’s no wonder that TripAdvisor ranks it as the top food and drink activity in Naperville.

Tours are available every weekend April through November. Tickets and additional information can be found at Tours can be customized, especially for larger bus tours.  

Come and discover why DuPage County is the perfect starting point for city escapes, culture, tours and more. “DuMore in DuPage” isn't just DuPage County's brand. It's a reflection of the people and places that make this county an exceptional destination to live, work and play.

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