Frankfort Spirits

In suburban Will County, a distillery takes time to craft fine spirits—and invites you to take your time to enjoy it.

“Quality takes time,” says Frankfort Spirits’ head distiller. That’s true for the premier liquors they craft, and also for the way they’ve built their business. 

The still at Frankfort Spirits, located in the quaint south suburban neighborhood of Frankfort, fills up an entire room in both physical presence and can’t-look-away prominence. The gleaming copper and stainless steel exteriors of the equipment appear like something Willy Wonka would have created if he had preferred craft distilling to candy. The copper flutes practically reach the ceiling and serve as a perfect symbol to the manner in which Frankfort Spirits is soaring to great heights.  

The owners share a strong passion for the craft of distilling, striving to create something truly unique. When they first decided to form a business, they considered industry trends and realized everyone was following the same path by getting into microbreweries. So they zagged the other way, trading pint glasses for rocks glasses.

 One of their signature liquors, Verdict Vodka (judiciously named for their location’s former existence as a Will County courthouse), is distilled seven times with a double filter and proprietary blend of charcoal. Their Emil Stimple Straight Bourbon is aged four times longer than most bourbon on the market because they believe in putting in the time to make something right. Head distiller Kyle Jomant told a local paper, “If you want something that has been mass produced and rushed to market, our handmade premium spirits aren’t for you. But if you want something that has been cared for every step of the way, a product that has been proofed to perfection, a product that we’re proud enough of to hand sign every bottle, then Frankfort Spirits is what you are looking for.”

 Frankfort Spirits is also proud to be an Illinois company, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. (Verdict Vodka is made from Illinois-sourced corn.) Their sharing space with a wedding venue could be symbolic: Just like a great, long-lasting marriage, distilling quality spirits takes time, commitment and lots of love. At Frankfort Spirits you’ll find all those by the barrelful. 

Discover more Illinois Artisans at Illinois Made.

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