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Eagle Action: Where to Watch Bald Eagles in Illinois

Once a rare sight in Illinois, bald eagles now make the state one of their favorite winter hangouts—only Alaska draws more of the birds. A top photographer shares how and where to take peeks and pics.

Dec 28, 2021 Regional Getaways

bald eagle flying

As a kid in Galesburg, Dan Westergren didn’t exactly dream of photographing bald eagles one day. “I don’t think I ever saw an eagle when I was growing up there in the ’70s,” he says. But conservation efforts increased the regal birds’ numbers, and they now flock to Illinois for its friendly habitats, especially the open water often found around river locks and dams in winter. Dan, an outdoors photographer who spent 25 years with National Geographic, follows.

Bald eagle photographer
Holding his telephoto lens, Dan Westergren looks out for eagles in Alton.

Open water draws eagles looking for fish. “They move south in winter to get away from the ice up north,” Dan says. And the promise of dramatic shots beckons him. So between gigs in places like Antarctica and Australia, he spends time in Alton, Grafton and other prime eagle-watching spots.

Dan relies on two main tools: binoculars and a camera with a serious telephoto lens. He says amateurs can try a hack called digiscoping—using an adapter to connect a digital camera (or smartphone) to a bird-watching spotting scope.

Dawn and dusk are the best times to photograph eagles, especially a little before sunrise. “You can catch them as they’re starting to get active,” Dan says. Plus, “it’s the best light.”

Where to See Eagles in Illinois


The Beall Mansion bed-and-breakfast inn offers eagle getaway packages this season. 


For eagle watching along with luxury, spas, skiing and more—stay at either Chestnut Mountain Resort or Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa


Along the Mississippi River, the sky is full of eagles at Lock and Dam 18. Typically, the largest numbers of adult sightings are in January.


If you’d rather sit back and relax while in nature, then a guided two-hour shuttled tour with Grafton Eagle Tours is perfect for you and your party.


The Union County Refuge is a popular spot for bald eagle watching for good reason— visitors can take wildlife photography off the main road, which runs down the middle of the wildlife refuge. Park rangers will be available on weekdays to answer questions about the eagles and other wildlife spotted in the refuge. 


Both Starved Rock and Matthiessen state parks attract large eagle populations in winter, thanks to the nearby Plum Island Eagle Sanctuary on the Illinois River. Watch eagles from the top of Starved Rock or check out the park-guided tours. 


Celebrate the return of our country’s bird and honor Native American traditions through sacred ceremonies and dances at Great River Eagle Days

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