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Summer is upon us, along with plenty of ideas for that vacation you should be planning right about now.
  • Top Spots for a Long Weekend

  • Summer Like a Kid

  • 13 Must-Do's for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Drinks with a View

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    You’ve Seen Him on TV

    Now follow in his little ol’ footsteps.

    Our little zip-lining, hot-air ballooning travel ambassador is at it again. See the places featured in MiniAbe’s latest small-screen adventures.

    See MiniAbe's Summer Wish List
    • MiniAbe – Be More Whoa-ed

      See MiniAbe take in some of the whoa-inducing sights and attractions throughout Illinois. Sure, he could’ve shown them all, but that’s what this website is for. At least that’s what he told us.

    • MiniAbe – Be More Spontaneous

      See what happens when MiniAbe follows his spontaneous side to some unexpected adventure around Illinois.

    • MiniAbe – Be More Nom-Nom-Mmm

      In this special extended version, MiniAbe digs into some of Illinois’ most famous dishes, noshes and desserts at some of its best-known restaurants and eateries. Mmm.