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Del's Popcorn Shop on Merchant


Since 1934, Del's has been tempting taste buds in Decatur with the smell of the freshly popped corn!

A package from Del's Popcorn Shop is always sure to put a smile on every face. Choose from a large selection of Gourmet candies, chocolates, and handmade fudge all year around. Our Fudge is made from scratch - cooked in copper kettles, whipped on a marble slab and set-up in loaves ready to be cut for eating. Flavors include: Vanilla Pecan, Chocolate Pecan, Black Walnut, Plain Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Our candy and chocolate selections include Deluxe Chocolate Nut Mix, Chocolate Malt Balls, Gummy Bears, Wiggle Worms, Sour Worms, Hot Cinnamon Bears, Dutch Mints, Fruit Sours, Red Hots, Jelly Bellies Raspberries/Blackberries, Double Dip Chocolate Peanuts, Sour Lemon Sharks, and Chocolate Toffee Almonds to name only a few.

Del's Popcorn is popped over an open flame using no fats or oils. The popcorn itself is grown right in Central Illinois. Our seasoned corn (buttered & salted) is prepared while you wait so you can control the how much seasoning you want. Our secret recipes for our famous Caramel Corn and Cheese Corn are used every day to ensure the freshest possible product at all times. Del's freshly roasts their nuts right in the store. Almonds, Large Cashews, Filberts, Jumbo Peanuts (salted & unsalted), Pecans, Pepitas, Redskin Peanuts, Spanish Peanuts and Fancy Mix will leave your mouth longing for more. We're more than just popcorn! Something for everyone - Del's Popcorn Shop.

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