Madonna of the Trail


Step back in history at this monument.

The Madonna of the Trail is a pioneer woman clasping her baby, with her young son clinging to her skirts. The face of the mother, strong in character, beauty, and gentleness, is the face of a mother who realizes her responsibilities. It has feeling of solidity - a monument which will stand through the ages. The figure of the mother is of heroic proportions - 10 feet high and weighing 5 tons. The base on which the figure stands is 6 feet high and weighs 12 tons. This base rests on a foundation that stands 2 feet above ground level, making the monument 18 feet tall. The figure and the base are made of algonite stone, giving the monuments the warm, pink color of Missouri native granite. On two sides of the base, historic or local commemoration data is inscribed. This monument, which was dedicated on October 26, 1928 sits on the southeast corner of the Old State Capitol grounds in Vandalia, Illinois. Originally the monument stood at the south entrance of the former Old State Capitol. 

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