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Located in the Nauvoo State Park next to the oldest vineyard of Nauvoo. Highlights include an Abraham Lincoln room, quilt room, Icarian room, Victorian parlor, toy and doll antiques, summer kitchen and original underground arched wine cellar.

View antiques of local families and churches. Most recent donations are Bibles, a spinning wheel, and the framed Lincoln prints of Lane K. Newberry.

A house built by Mormons in the 1840s, remodeled by Icarians, and later owned by the Rheinberger family serves as the Nauvoo State Park Museum. The restored home features a wine cellar and a press room, and is the only Nauvoo wine cellar open to the public. This also is the location of Nauvoo's first vineyard, which has been producing grapes since the mid-1800s. The museum itself exhibits artifacts from all periods of Nauvoo's history, from Native American occupation to the introduction of Nauvoo Blue Cheese in the 1930s. The museum is staffed by the Nauvoo Historical Society and is open 1-5 P.M. from May 1 through October 15.

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