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This is a family owned and operated shop located in the historic downtown district in Elgin, IL.  We specialize in High Quality Teas that we stand behind!  We offer a tea tasting on most Sundays from 10am to Noon. Within the shop we have a fully operational Pottery Studio were we make the teawares and other ceramic pieces.

We are proud of the teas we serve and sell. We stand by the saying, "If we will not drink it, we will not sell it." About 85% of the teas are direct sourced, while the other percent are teas from groups we want to support because of have shared ethics, views, and of course the tea is amazing too. Within Our collection, we have every continent represented (except for Antartica). We look forward to you exploring the world of tea!

In a production studio, the process of making one batch of mugs from start to finish generally takes at least two weeks. This is because of all of the different periods of drying that are needed, plus two separate kiln firings that can take 36hrs each! All the pottery is handmade and each piece varies slightly. If looking to purchase a "Set" of multiples of the same item, we do our best to match heights, though there sometimes is variations between the pottery.

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