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thirty-thirty Coffee Co. - Downtown Peoria


Roomy hangout pouring house-roasted coffees & espresso drinks in a sunny space with brick accents.

thirty-thirty Coffee Co. is obsessed with the pursuit of high quality coffee beverages, unprecedented presentation, knowledge, and passion along with a love for the local community, culture, and education. We are located in Peoria's historic Anheuser-Busch/Kickapoo building downtown on the corner of Main and Glendale. Our beautiful brick building, with our dark hard-strand bamboo wood floors, and exposed I-beams helps parallel our desire to serve coffee and espresso beverages in traditional styles with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

We also serve high quality loose-leaf tea, fresh fruit smoothies, and have a variety of bottled drinks and juices. Most all of our ingredients are made ourselves or come from local businesses. For example our chocolate sauce for our mochas and hot chocolate is made ourselves, as well as our vanilla syrup and our honey for our cafe miels is from Mackinaw Valley Honey. All of our coffee comes from specific regions in the world from farmers and co-ops who are not only paid fairly but have a whole industry of coffee professionals working towards a better quality of life for them and their product.

We provide Peoria with it's first ever taste of what is called "Origin Roasting". This is where each particular coffee is roasted specifically and carefully to bring out the flavor profiles desired by the farmer and region each come from. We don't use any computerized methods just our senses and knowledge of each particular coffee. It's truly an art and all of our roasting is done on site inside the cafe. We also wholesale to local cafes, restaurants, and businesses. All of our coffees are served fresh, from seed to cup, using unique hand crafted methods ranging from the standard drip method to pour-over's and french press, grinding the coffee just before serving to ensure absolute freshness.


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