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Signature cookies, cupcakes, gourmet cupcakes, and other confections.

Iowa-native Aria Burnside is a teenage entrepreneur currently living in Edwardsville, IL. She is a member of Anchored in Truth Ministries where she sings on the teen/young adult praise and worship team, Called to Greatness (CTG). She has 3 siblings, Asjah, Alencia and Axel.

After years of struggling in school with peer pressure and reckless behavior, her mother made the tough decision to homeschool her. Charmian Aaron is a single mother, who left the corporate world in March 2020, and made the decision to work from home, to focus on her children. During this time Aria's GPA sky-rocketed, and she discovered her God-given gift at age 15: baking.

Aria is now the Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Aria’s Cookies & Confections LLC, a beautifully-designed (by Aria), upscale brick-and-mortar bakery at Eastgate Plaza Shopping Center in East Alton, IL.

After winning the $500 grand prize in a local “business pitch” competition in September 2021, one of the judges gave her the surprise of a lifetime. After hearing Aria’s story, he shocked everyone in the building and offered to build her a brand new bakery at the shopping plaza that he owns!

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