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Bear's Bites

3814 N Main St, Peoria, IL 61611

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As long as I can remember we have always had dogs. About ten years ago we started noticing our boy Sarge was having bad ear infections and extremely dry skin. Many vet trips later and very expensive tests we realized he was allergic to his food. We put him on special food and it still didn’t work so I spent many hours, weeks and months researching food. I learned many things about food allergies. I switched his food and all things got better.

Since Sarge we have had Tank and Bear that both have had major food allergies. I have spent A LOT of money on many different treats - some were okay and others just didn’t work out. Our Tank got sick about a year and a half ago and we thought it was a food problem so I decided to make his treats myself. Tank loved his bananas and sweet potatoes.

When we got Bear he decided that he didn’t like fruits and veggies so I was buying dehydrated meat and with the cost of it I decided to make it myself. The reason I started Bear’s Bites is because people need to be able to get good quality treats and not have to spend a fortune on them. My fruit and veggies are organic and my meat is hormone free and steroid free.

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