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Black and Gray Brewing Co. is a nanobrewery focusing on classic craft brew styles on the square in East Dundee, IL

Black & Gray Brewing is the labor of love of Chris and Teresa, a couple of average, ordinary kids, from a blue collar neighborhood, who grew up down the street from each other, got married, and moved back to that same great blue collar neighborhood to raise their kids in a loving community filled with cops, firefighters, roofers, electricians, teachers, and carpenters. You know, blue collar folk! We like to think of our beer as craft beer for the common man.

Yes, IPAs are awesome (especially ours!), and that bourbon barrel porter can't be beat in the dead of winter, but--too often--the "lawnmower" beers get pushed aside, or are added as an afterthought. Light American lagers get scoffed at. Not at Black & Gray Brewing. We will always have an American Lager or Ale on tap and they will always be top notch, hand-crafted in small batches, in the brewery 20 feet away from where you are drinking them. It won't be possible to find a fresher, more satisfying beer at the end of your work day, or after a jog or bike ride on the bike path.

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