DC’s Reflecting Fools at the North Shore Center for Performing Arts in Skokie

This event has passed.


DC’s Reflecting Fools to pick up climbing where the Capitol Steps trailed off. A journey of a million miles begins with one Capitol Step. Let’s welcome some reflection!

Join for the World Premiere performances unveiling the next political movement in comedy sweeping the country. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of burned 2020 presidential ballots, DC’s Reflecting Fools hold up a mirror to our crazy political culture, providing hilarious song parodies and “foolish reflections” that continue to inspire your belly-laughter. Audiences will continue to see casts from past seasons performing all the beloved bits, the show-ending and mind-boggling backward talking spoonerisms, break-neck costume changes, over-the-top impressions, and all-new song parodies reflecting the day’s news. Fight your desire to hold the head of democracy under shallow waters, DC’s Reflecting Fools just might get you to laugh a bit.

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Jan 28 to Jan 30, 2022

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