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Illinois Rural Heritage Museum


The Mission of the Illinois Rural Heritage Museum is to educate the public about the rural heritage of Illinois in a manner that tells the life lessons of success.

For some, the Museum brings back memories of challenging times when manual labor and exposure to weather extremes were required to earn a living. The more mature visitors remember their dad’s exposure to the heat and dust on a vintage tractor or combine. They also recall mom’s creativity as she created a happy home using basic tools, love and hard work.

Above all, the Museum provides an opportunity for non-agricultural raised individuals (town and city folk to us) to experience the changing rural lifestyle from 1850 forward. The Museum's interactive exhibits, displays and videos also provide an important teaching venue for children and young adults.

Come to Pinckneyville, Illinois and check out the heritage laid out in four acres with over 17,000 square feet of exhibit space.

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