Jane Addams Recreation Trail


Come explore our 17 mile trail on foot or bicycle!

This multi-use 17 mile trail offers beautiful scenery and 22 bridges, including a covered bridge in Orangeville, passing wetlands, creeks, woods, prairies, geologic formations and farmland. The trail, named after Jane Addams, the Nobel Peace Prize humanitarian and Hull House settlement founder born and raised in nearby Cedarville, is part of the Grand Illinois Trail which traverses northern Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. The 13 miles of trail between the Wes Block Trailhead and the Wisconsin state line is a crushed limestone surface which may be used by hikers, bicyclists, snowmobilers, and cross-country skiers. The 4 miles of trail between the Wes Block Trailhead and Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead, located adjacent to the Pecatonica River in historic downtown Freeport, is an asphalt paved surface. Trail maps are available.

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