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Find the perfect shoe for your run or some new sunglasses for those outdoor days!

Run to Succeed Sports offers two run specialty store locations providing quality service to our runners and walkers throughout the community. RTS is a certified race management and timing company managing and timing numerous races throughout the year.

RTS Sports Running Specialty Store utilizes our 4-Step Fitting Process. We start by having a conversation to see what you desire to get out of your shoes. Are you a runner, walker, or maybe a nurse or school teacher who is on your feet all day? Second, we introduce you to Albert, our 3D foot scanner. After conducting a 3D scan, we analyze your gait cycle using software that allows us to watch your movements frame by frame throughout the gait cycle. Lastly, we bring you some shoe styles designed for you.

Our ultimate goal is to fit you into the right shoe and reduce potential injury so that you can make running or walking more encouraging, fun and enjoyable. Of course, we want you in a great shoe, but we also want you in the right shoe!

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