Visit Popeye the Sailor Man in Chester!


Chester, Illinois is the hometown of E.C. Segar - the creator of Popeye the Sailor Man. Throughout the community of Chester you will see murals, picture cutouts, and more to commemorate everyone's favorite sailor.

If you're a fan of Popeye the Sailor Man, Chester is the place to visit! All throughout town there are murals, picture cutouts, signs and more to celebrate everyone's favorite sailor. Chester is the hometown of Popeye's creator, E.C. Segar - and the community celebrates Popeye every day of the year! There is a Popeye souvenir shop called Spinach Can Collectibles, and visitors can also go on a scavenger hunt for all 15 Popeye Character Statues scattered about town! Each fall there is the Popeye Picnic celebration, where a new Popeye Character statue is unveiled and added to the character trail. 

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