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Whiskey Bend


Whiskey Bend is an upscale bar located in downtown St. Charles. You'll find phenomenal cocktails and culinary delights. Explore their fantastic outdoor patio for an unforgettable experience.

In June 1896, the trolley system that linked St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, and Elgin, IL began to offer service to local citizens. Overhead wires that ran along the track supplied the power to the single, open-air cars.

The trolley came from South Elgin and traveled along the east side of the river, through the St. Charles Country Club and along Route 25. From Main Street, it went west, crossed over the bridge, and turned south on 3rd Street to go to Geneva.

It was at this last turn that conductors would stop the trolley and allow passengers to disembark for a quick drink to warm up during the winter months. Welcome back to Whiskey Bend.

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