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Arlington Alfresco, is an open-air dining and shopping zone in the Downtown that enables restaurants, stores and businesses to expand their capacity into designated zones within the Arlington Alfresco footprint.

The Village is excited to bring back some vibrancy to our Downtown hub of Vail Avenue and Campbell Street now that the State has loosened some restrictions in phase three of the Restore Illinois plan.

The Arlington Alfresco will run through Labor day. It includes an 18-foot pedestrian walkway in the center of the streets. The dining areas will be fenced in and there will be many signs to help alleviate gathering concerns as it relates to the COVID-19 virus. For further review of the plans, please click on the maps located on the left side of this article.

Reservations are encouraged for those interested in dining at Arlington Alfresco. Groups of people should be limited to 6 or fewer for dining. For those preferring to use curbside pickup for dining or shopping, there will be designated areas at the entrances of Arlington Alfresco, on the first floor of the Vail Garage and in a nearby parking lot.

The Arlington Alfresco zone will be open daily until 11 p.m. 

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