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Chicago Mahogany, LLC is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the rich history and culture of the city of Chicago. We aim to highlight Chicago’s people, architecture, and impact on the world.

Our passion fuels our duty to deliver history and educate current and future generations through authentic neighborhood tours. We desire to plant a seed that will foster a sense of pride and community. "The Chicago Way”.

Chicago historian Dilla, as he is affectionately called, is a fascinating blend of modern historian, cultural worker, and public employee. Dilla has become a Chicago social media sensation by going viral on Tiktok. His 60 second history videos on everything Chicago have been viewed over 8 million times, and he has amassed a following of 150K followers across all social media platforms. Dilla has been featured on all manner of Chicago media and has also appeared nationally on both The Today Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Dilla is a proud lifelong resident of Chicago's South side. He lives by the saying that everything dope about America comes from Chicago. Through the power of storytelling, Dilla is helping to change the narrative locally and nationally about Chicago's value to the world. 


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