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Chicago Movie Tours offers in-person walking tours and virtual experiences that inspire Chicagoans, along with movie lovers everywhere, to rediscover their city, especially as it relates to film.

Our public and private walking tours and immersive experiences explore singular aspects of movies and/or television: for example, artwork in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, film production inside a working prison, and Chicago’s connection to The Wizard of Oz. Our deliberate decision to specialize in this way means you get to encounter in-depth and memorable events that encourage you to reconsider the filmmaking process and Chicago.
Chicago Movie Tours is committed to exploring the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. After all, both regions offer unique features and histories, especially regarding movies. We cultivate partnerships and arrangements with popular and offbeat venues related to Chicago and film—to provide you with unique access, early admission, and exclusive privileges.
Finally, our founder and guide, Kelli Marshall, spent more than a decade teaching and researching film. Now, Kelli takes her expertise and love of teaching beyond the traditional classroom and into real-world settings. Join her to hear well-researched stories and secrets related to Chicago and film, always contextualized in history and culture.

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