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Cloud Mountain Kombucha


​Sourcing local ingredients is fresher, tastes better, is more nutritious, reduces environmental impact, helps to build a more prosperous and connected community and is just way more fun! Along with all these benefits, another important goal of Cloud Mountain is to utilize the uniqueness of the Midwest’s ecological diversity and climate to showcase the abundancy of growable plants and native species that provide not only incredible flavor, but sustenance as well.
We strive to support to local economy in choosing to purchase ingredients from local suppliers and showcase the bounty of nature through farming and foraging for as many ingredients as we can. A shout out to Walnut Street Tea Company for supplying our organic teas, the U of I Sustainable Student Farm, Sola Gratia, Delight Flower Farm and Blue Moon Farms for an array of herbs, vegetables and fruits, local foraging company Autumn Berry Inspired for their autumn olives and insightful knowledge on many native plant species, our own fruitful five-acre property that we like to call Goldfinch Farms, and to all current and future retailers and collaborators. Thank you for helping us in producing and delivering our kombucha to Champaign-Urbana and for helping support our mission!

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