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Dangela’s Dumplings


Authentic, handmade dumplings from scratch using traditional Northern Chinese methods.

We use fresh ingredients for every order and have different filling options to cater to the individual customer’s tastes, including chicken, pork, beef and shrimp. Also offered are vegetarians/vegan options such as zucchini and tofu with vegetables. Dangela’s Dumplings have a wide array of side orders that include steamed broccoli, shredded potato, cabbage, and seaweed salad, among others. A popular dessert option is the mochi ice cream. We serve authentic boba tea, which is made with real tea leaves and dairy-free creamer.

Customers and passersby curious about the production process have windows inside the dining area that allow you to see the facility. Kids, adults and families alike can watch the process from start to finish. This means customers order dumplings and know exactly how they were made and why it tastes so delicious from the first bite to the last.

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