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See lodge initiation devices and related paraphernalia from the early 1900's like the low-down buck goat, lung tester and invisible paddle machine. Today, DeMoulin is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of band uniforms.

Founded in 1892 as a manufacturer of lodge paraphernalia and regalia, DeMoulin Bros. & Co. of Greenville, Illinois is one of the nation's leading makers of marching band uniforms. The company's diverse poroduction history has included graduation caps and gowns, choir robes, church and lodge furniture, and lodge initiation devices. It is the only public museum in the United States to have gathered so many of these contraptions.

Though the museum contains examples of many of DeMoulin's creations, the lodge initiation devices including the Bucking Goat; Invisible Paddle Machine; and Lifting and Spraying Machine are what have attracted visitors from over 30 states.

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