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Frank Lloyd Wright Pettit Memorial Chapel

1121 N. Main, Belvidere, IL 61008


Pettit Memorial Chapel, located in Belvidere Cemetery, was designed by Frank Llyod Wright and erected in 1907. Brochures available for self-guided historic tours. Open daily, 8am - sunset. Tours available by appointment.

The Pettit Memorial Chapel is a small structure on the grounds of Belvidere Cemetery in Belvidere, Illinois. Emma Glasner Pettit, the sister of William A. Glasner, for whom Wright designed a home Glencoe in 1905, commissioned the chapel in honor of her deceased husband, William H. Pettit. The chapel consists of a long narrow porch and an adjoining, rectangular room for memorial services. Raised above ground level, the chapel is accessed via a staircase at the front of the porch, or a set of angled staircases that flank the meeting room at the rear of the porch. Just as he did in his residential designs, Wright included a centrally located fireplace with a broad chimney that emerges from a low-hipped roof.

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