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Hennepin Canal Bike Paths

16006 875 E. St., Sheffield, IL 61361


Ride up and down a piece of Illinois history!

The Hennepin Canal Parkway follows an old towpath that was actually never used, although the locks and aqueducts are in still in place. It was originally built to link the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. The 105-mile path is level and easy; however, water is scarce along the way (found only at locks 21, 22 and the Visitor Center), so be sure to bring plenty, especially during hot days. The landscape varies from forest to grasslands to marsh to farmland, and the trail is particularly pleasing during fall, when the leaves are changing colors. The Hennepin Canal Parkway has become a cyclist's paradise and an exceptional spot for fishing, birding, horseback riding and a wealth of outdoor recreation.

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