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This 225-square-foot triangular building is affectionately named “The Wedgie” which with their sassy and classy theme! When you walk into the corner store you can admire the 1940’s-themed décor along with a wide variety of other handmade items.

Valerie, (AKA Ruthie Sudsalot) has a background in clinical massage therapy and aromatherapy which made for a natural transition into Jackass Charm Soaps! With the motto “clean your body whilst soiling your mind” customers know they are in for something outside of the ordinary. Not only are Valerie’s soaps made with all-natural ingredients, but she throws in an innuendo according to the essential oil blend used! The labels are what make the soaps truly stand apart from the competition! Valerie’s soaps use no animal fats or chemicals to color or scent their soaps, but instead use leaves, roots, seeds, clays, activated charcoal, and essential oils. After the success of Jackass Charm Soaps in a variety of boutique stores throughout northern Illinois, Valerie decided it was time to open up the “Jackass Charm Corner Store” right off of the Woodstock Square. 

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