Joe Satriani Concert at the Peoria Civic Center


The American guitarist and multi-gold / platinum seller, Joe Satriani has dedicated himself to the artistry of the instrument, and it becomes apparent during his live performances. This is an all ages event.

Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment is thrilled to welcome Joe Satriani to the Peoria Civic Center Theater for a stop on the Earth Tour 2022-2023 happening this fall on Thursday, October 13th.

The guitarist challenged himself to create a “new standard” for instrumental guitar albums to be measured against, one which would work from “a new platform of his own design,” as he terms it. “I want to show people that the instrumental guitar album can contain far more complexity of creative elements than I think people are using right now.”

In regards to his newest release, The Elephants of Mars, Satriani mentioned, “We did everything. We tried the craziest ideas. And we entertained every notion we had about turning something backwards, upside down, seeing what could happen.” The Earth Tour is a chance to experience those ideas live in person.

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Oct 13

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