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Mad Goat Coffee was established in 2014 to serve excellent coffee and provide a gathering space for the people of Danville, Illinois and Vermilion County.

With freshly roasted coffee, quality ingredients, and a welcoming space, we’re committed to serving our customers with care. Whether you’re near or far, we hope you enjoy our coffee and your community. 

Sam (our owner/manager) was at a local fast food joint trying to study one evening. With no local Starbucks and a local coffee shop closing up at 3pm daily, he had no other options. As soon as he settled into a booth and took out his notes, a bus full of high school volleyball players headed in to grab hamburgers. This environment wasn’t quite cutting it for studying. He began to wonder what it would take to create a space in Danville that provided world-class coffee and a welcoming, relaxed environment for people to gather. And so, Mad Goat Coffee was born.   Coffee Shop & Roastery: 701 S. Gilbert St, Danville, IL Coffee Shop: 2601 N. Vermilion St, Danville, IL

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