Marcoot Jersey Creamery


We are a seventh-generation family-owned Jersey dairy farm in Greenville, Illinois. We handcraft only the highest-quality artisan and farmstead cheeses.

In March 2010, we embarked on a new adventure in the legacy of the Marcoot Jersey Farm by creating our first wheels of cheese. Sustainability is a key component for our family and farm and it guides the methods in which we take care of our herd, the way we produce our cheese, and designed our facility. Our cheese is made solely from the milk of our own Registered Jersey, primarily grass-fed cattle. Our 65 milking Jersey cows enjoy pasturing on the paddocks in a variety of grasses to provide abundant natural nutrition. No hormones are given to our cattle. Our heifers also graze in the pastures and get to enjoy our protein-filled whey; a byproduct from our cheese production.

Our cheeses are all aged in our underground aging cave. The cheese cave is designed after the man-made cheese caves in Switzerland to provide natural aging for our cheese while providing energy efficiency and sustainability for the creamery. Our creamery also has large viewing windows where visitors can watch as we make cheese. Guests are also invited to visit our calves, housed near the creamery. Our goal is to create premium products and provide experiential education to our guests.

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