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Morkes Chocolates in Palatine


Morkes Chocolates provides high quality and diverse tastes at affordable prices. At Morkes, we continue to make our chocolate confections from scratch, with all-natural chocolate, pure butter, fresh roasted nuts, and a lot of fun.

Respecting the traditional chocolates of the past, Morkes Chocolates manufacturers our own cream centers - butter, vanilla, maple, orange and raspberry creams, to name a few. However, we are not an ‘old’ chocolate company in any sense. We celebrate innovation and are constantly testing new recipes to add to our chocolate line, while always striving to maintain our true mission of a pure, natural and great tasting chocolate confection.

Children love their birthday parties at Morkes! And parents find a party at Morkes is very relaxing and enjoyable for them. Brides and Expectant Mothers and their families have come to trust Morkes to create just the right customized chocolate or treat to grace their showers and add beauty and style to an event. We customize for any color, style or theme.

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