Spider Hill Haunted Attractions at Three Sisters Park

This event has passed.


Spider Hill Haunted Attractions is in its 24th year of production. Open every Friday and Saturday in October. Gates open at 6 pm for ticket sales and the scares start at 7 pm. Tickets are sold until 11 pm.

Paranormal Investigations / We have joined forces with Enlightened Souls Paranormal investigation group to provide a unique experience investigating a historical building at Three Sisters Park. You will get to investigate the real-life paranormal activity here at Spider Hill. You will work alongside professional investigators, and their equipment, to interact with the spirits. Then you will get some time to do some investigation of your own with their guidance! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dive deep into the life of the paranormal that you will not want to miss out!

Massacre Mansion: The layout encompasses over 8000 square feet of frightful occurrences. The Mansion has been recently redesigned to take you to the next level of horror and is assured to frighten all!! Within the confines of the Massacre Mansion you will experience dread such as you have never known. Around every corner lurk evil creatures whose only wish is to make you part of the scenery for the next group to enjoy…

Trail of Terror: A long and winding walk through the eerily black timbers of Three Sisters Park. Even the bravest of souls tremble when walking along the Trail of Terror. This path ambles along through a haunted forest filled with horror so frighteningly twisted that even seemingly innocent images such as a circus can be made to send shivers down your back. 

Event Details

Oct 06 to Oct 28, 2023

$23.00 to $45.00

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